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I’m Off to San Antonio!

It’s that time of the year again – the Romance Writers’ of America Annual Conference and this year it is being held in San Antonio, Texas. I have never been – to San Antonio or Texas, but I can’t wait. Being a writer of both regency/Victorian romances and western romances, I have always wanted to see The Alamo, but the more I read up on San Antonio, I’m realizing there are plenty of other spots of interest as well – missions, historical districts, The Market, The Rivercenter Mall.


I’m not sure how many of them I will have time to see between conference events, but I hope I can get to as many as possible.


And the Riverwalk – I’m think that will be my happy place for the week. It’s absolutely lovely in the pictures and being a bit of an introvert (as a writer, I’m sure that fact doesn’t leave anyone staggering in disbelief), it’s always good to have a place to go to get away from the noise and hubbub of the conference itself. A little downtime to refill the well. And what a great place to do it than along the Riverwalk.


This conference will also mark the first time I have taken part in the “Readers for Life” Literacy Signing. This event is a chance for readers to meet hundreds of romance authors who will be signing books for their fans. I’m really excited to take part, signing my August release, SALVATION IN THE RANCHER’S ARMS, my first western romance with Harlequin Historical. Aside from a great opportunity to meet readers face to face, the proceeds from the book sales will go to ProLiteracy Worldwide, Literacy Texas, Restore Education, and Each One Teach One San Antonio. So if you’re in the San Antonio area, come by the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel. The event will be in the 3rd floor ballroom on July 23, 2014 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.


So this week will be spent getting as much work done on my next indie release, A SINFUL TEMPTATION (Book 3: Sins & Scandals Series) before I leave to stay on track; figuring out what to pack (more importantly – what shoes to take!); and ensuring the crew at my day job have all the passwords and instructions they’ll need for when I go electronically silent for the week!


Lots to do, but I’ll be sure and keep you updated on all the goings on via FB and Twitter – so stay tuned!

~ Kelly

And So It Grows

With the exception of the first two books I wrote (one a YA which is collecting dust and the other a western which will be dusted off, revised and published eventually), I have always written in series. I don’t mean to. For instance, when I wrote THE OUTLAW BRIDE a billion years ago, it was only meant to be a ‘one of’. Then again, perhaps subconsciously I had other plans given that I did put two other mail order brides on that train…

But regardless, even when I start out with what I think will be a 3 book series, it has a tendency to grow beyond the confines I set out for it. The Brides of Fatal Bluff Series eventually expanded beyond THE OUTLAW BRIDE to encompass the other two mail order brides on the train. But that was it. No more! Except, after the release of THE OUTLAW BRIDE, one reader wrote to ask me what the saloon keeper, Garrett Bentley’s story was, and then another reader said she wanted to read bounty hunter Ed Devers story. Soon I started wondering too and the next thing I knew, my three book series had morphed into five. Although, if you’re looking, THE OUTLAW BRIDE is the only one currently available, but I promise the others will be written soon.

The same issue cropped up when I wrote SALVATION IN THE RANCHER’S ARMS. It was a ‘one-of’. Get in, get out. No fuss, no muss. Except…then there was this sheriff in the story and, well, SALVATION IN THE SHERIFF’S KISS will be out in February 2015. But then I’m done! Except…as I was writing that one this other guy showed up… Kincaid’s story is slotted to be written next year.

So when I sat down to write AN INVITATION TO SCANDAL I suspected I was in trouble when Nicholas’s friends showed up on the page. “Well fine,” I muttered as these characters insisted on having their own stories. “But it’s only going to be a trilogy and that’s it!”  Except that left Abigail’s brother Benedict with no happy ending. “Fine. One more then, but then I’m done!” (SURRENDER TO SCANDAL 2015). Except…then I started wondering what happened to a certain courtesan who showed up in AN INVITATION TO SCANDAL. “Fine,” I huffed. “But you are only getting a novella.” (SINS OF A SOLDIER 2015)

Except…then my imagination wandered over to Miss Eugenie Caldwell from AN INVITATION TO SCANDAL. You know, that poor girl has two younger sisters and no male heir to inherit their father’s rather dismally small fortune and title. I gritted my teeth. I suppose I could  give them their own series…(THE MAYFAIR MISSES 2015/16).

But that was it! Finito! Except yesterday, as I was writing A SINFUL TEMPTATION, Book 3 in the SINS & SCANDALS SERIES, a certain Miss Cosgrove entered the picture and heavens…this woman has a story too!

So what should have only been a few of a books has now morphed into enough series and off-shoots to keep me busy well into 2017. It has also led me to the realization that there is no such thing as just ‘one-of’ where my brain is concerned.

~ Kelly

Good News Day!

Today has proven to be a pretty good day all around.

For starters, it is part of a long weekend, and I do love my long weekends. I am currently overlooking the fact that it is gray and somewhat rainy. And by overlooking, I mean I’m in denial.  But I digress. The really great part about this day is that I have finished all my uploads to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks and CreateSpace for A SCANDALOUS PASSION – Book 2 in THE SINS & SCANDALS SERIES.  It will take a few days for it to become live on most sites, but it’s already live on Amazon which makes for a happy day.

And the second part of the happy day is, that my editor from Harlequin sent me an email today with the title and release date for my second western historical. The first, SALVATION IN THE RANCHER’S ARMS is available for pre-order now and will be released August 2015. It’s follow up, SALVATION IN THE SHERIFF’S KISS will be released in February 2015 – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

So how am I going to celebrate all this good news? Wild party? Copious amounts of wine? Running through the streets shouting at the top of my lungs? No. Something even better. I’m going to spend a few hours this afternoon at the local coffee shop working on Book 3 in The Sins & Scandals Series, A SINFUL TEMPTATION.

Followed by wine and the requisite running through the streets.

Coming Soon!

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