Knit Mania

For any of you who following my Instagram account, you may have noticed that I am an avid knitter. Not to say I’m a particularly speedy knitter (I’m not), or even a notably expert knitter (I’m somewhere between middling to not too shabby), but I am an avid one. I love knitting. Loooove it! I love the idea of it, I love the physicality of it, I love the patterns, I love the challenge and I love the sense of calm (when things are going as they should) that I get as the needles click and slide and most of all, I love the yarn.

Oh…the yarn (deep sigh). 

I will admit that, on a good day, I have a yarn fetish that is unrivalled, but, oh boy, once autumn rolls around and winter looms on the horizon, that fetish amps up to the nth degree and nothing short of an intervention will keep me from my local yarn haunts to replenish my stash. Not that it was running low. Because it wasn’t. Not even a little. Honestly, the amount of yarn I have versus the amount of time I have to knit is embarrassingly uneven. But I swear, every time I walk into a yarn store, I cannot walk out empty handed. 

I need help (don’t send help). 

Mostly what I need is more yarn–I mean time! More time. Yes, more time dedicated to the knitting. So now, since taking up bullet journaling (because apparently writing and knitting weren’t enough obsessions for one person), I am using that to carve out a little time each evening/weekend for knitting. The picture above is my current work in progress. For the first time in a long time, I am actually knitting something for myself. Most of my projects go to friends and family as gifts, or get sold on my etsy shop, At Knit’s End

And that is the story of my other creative outlet. My name is Kelly, and I am a knitting addict.

Dear Winter, I’m Done

Let me preface this post by saying, I absolutely love living on the Atlantic Coast. I’m a born and bred Nova Scotian and have no interest in changing that fact (unless that villa in the South of France suddenly becomes available at no cost to me). But this February has me on the ropes. You see, the thing about living on the edge of the Atlantic is that oftentimes, your snow turns to freezing rain, then back to snow, then back to rain, then the temps drop drastically and the wind kicks in just for the heck of it. All in one afternoon. 

For the past month, my driveway (which is a hill) has been encased in a layer of ice. We’re not talking the thin ice that melts off in a few hours once the sun hits it either. We’re talking thick, Hoth-like, iceberg inducing ice that five bags of salt could not even put a dent in. Heck, the wheels of my car spent days frozen to the driveway because the ice had built up around the wheels. I considered trying to free it, but I had visions of the axel of my car tearing away from underneath, leaving the wheels behind while the rest of my car slid slowly to the end of the driveway and out into the street. Don’t even get me started on my back deck. I’m not even certain it’s still there.

So, to say I am happy to see March would be a gross understatement. Granted, the ice continues to cover my driveway, holding on with a death grip that feels like it may last until June, but the weather for tomorrow promises to be a balmy 7 degrees Celsius (that’s 45 F for my American friends) and I can’t help but feel hopeful that maybe…just maybe, the snow will melt by May.

Until then, I promise to keep myself busy drinking lattes and typing away on my latest manuscript.

Hope the winter has found you all in good spirits!

I’m Off to San Antonio!

It’s that time of the year again – the Romance Writers’ of America Annual Conference and this year it is being held in San Antonio, Texas. I have never been – to San Antonio or Texas, but I can’t wait. Being a writer of both regency/Victorian romances and western romances, I have always wanted to see The Alamo, but the more I read up on San Antonio, I’m realizing there are plenty of other spots of interest as well – missions, historical districts, The Market, The Rivercenter Mall.


I’m not sure how many of them I will have time to see between conference events, but I hope I can get to as many as possible.


And the Riverwalk – I’m think that will be my happy place for the week. It’s absolutely lovely in the pictures and being a bit of an introvert (as a writer, I’m sure that fact doesn’t leave anyone staggering in disbelief), it’s always good to have a place to go to get away from the noise and hubbub of the conference itself. A little downtime to refill the well. And what a great place to do it than along the Riverwalk.


This conference will also mark the first time I have taken part in the “Readers for Life” Literacy Signing. This event is a chance for readers to meet hundreds of romance authors who will be signing books for their fans. I’m really excited to take part, signing my August release, SALVATION IN THE RANCHER’S ARMS, my first western romance with Harlequin Historical. Aside from a great opportunity to meet readers face to face, the proceeds from the book sales will go to ProLiteracy Worldwide, Literacy Texas, Restore Education, and Each One Teach One San Antonio. So if you’re in the San Antonio area, come by the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter Hotel. The event will be in the 3rd floor ballroom on July 23, 2014 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.


So this week will be spent getting as much work done on my next indie release, A SINFUL TEMPTATION (Book 3: Sins & Scandals Series) before I leave to stay on track; figuring out what to pack (more importantly – what shoes to take!); and ensuring the crew at my day job have all the passwords and instructions they’ll need for when I go electronically silent for the week!


Lots to do, but I’ll be sure and keep you updated on all the goings on via FB and Twitter – so stay tuned!

~ Kelly

Mental Mountain Climbing

Learning new things is good. That’s my new chant as I go through the process of publishing my first indie release, AN INVITATION TO SCANDAL. It’s always good to challenge your brain with new information. You never want to stop learning. Well, okay, maybe some days you want to stop learning. In fact, some days you just want to dive back under the covers and forget you know anything. The biggest decision you’ll want to make on those days is do I want my latte to be skinny or full fat. FWIW – go skinny, your arteries will thank you later.

Where was I? Right, learning new things. I’ve discovered I need a challenge. And once I’ve finished one challenge, I need another one waiting in the wings. A Capricorn without a mountain to climb is an ugly thing indeed. We get restless and cranky. We become prone to wandering and start butting things with our heads. But once someone throws down a challenge, or we come upon one all on our own, we stop head-butting things and do a little dance of joy. (By the way, if you’re picturing the scene from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective where Jim Carey is sporting the pink tutu, you’re not far off the mark on what my happy dance looks like. Don’t judge me.)

It was just such a challenge that led me to go the self-publishing route a little earlier than originally planned. Many (many) years ago, I set out to get published. After the requisite amount of rejections, I signed a contract with Carina Press and my first e-book, THE OUTLAW BRIDE, was released in April 2011. Then I decided to up the ante and get a publishing contract for a print book. More requisite rejections then mission accomplished! I signed a contract with Harlequin for two western historical romances (watch for them August 2014). But the indie world was somewhere I had never ventured. I wanted to, but the learning curve seemed oh so steep. And by steep, I mean jump off a cliff fall into the deep, dark abyss kind of steep. Good thing Caps like mountain climbing…

But I had done the e-book, the print books were in the works and it was either take on the challenge of learning the ins and outs of indie publishing or… train for a half marathon. I had to flip a coin on which one would be less painful.

Indie publishing won. Just don’t tell my training partner. She’s a real taskmaster. Typical Taurus. 🙂

Do you think I can could convince her mental mountain climbing is a workout?

Coming Soon!

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