Miss Temperance Lindwell is the worst thing a lady can be according to British Society: an opinionated American in search of a titled husband. Her social-climbing parents are determined to return to New York with the news their scandal-ridden daughter has married a Lord of the Realm. But Temperance, burned once before, has no use for marriage.  

James Harrow, Marquess of Ridgemont, has always put others’ interests ahead of his own. But the time has come to do his duty and find a proper English bride. His plan goes awry, however, when he is tricked into waltzing with an American heiress. Her brashness stretches his gentlemanly manners past their breaking point until he finds himself on the receiving end of Miss Lindwell’s well placed slap. 

Determined to apologize for his part in the very public debacle, James pursues Temperance, only to stumble upon her kidnapping! Soon the two are caught up in a dangerous plot, forced to set aside their differences and trust each other if they are to survive. 

But can past heartbreaks be mended and trust restored, or will the hint of scandal from their misadventure ruin any chance for future happiness? 



What price must one pay to rebuild a reputation?

Miles Radcliffe, the new Earl of Walkerton, has spent years rebuilding his family name. His dead father’s horrible acts toward helpless women left a stain Society cannot forget. Miles is resolute in his mission, determined to avoid scandal at any cost; something he feels is especially important when it comes to choosing a wife. His bride must possess a pristine reputation. He will accept nothing less.

Miss Patience Elmsley has a penchant for becoming involved in incidents that would leave most ladies hanging their heads in shame. She has tried to play the part of the proper young lady, truly she has! But when someone attacks friends and family, she cannot help herself from speaking her mind. Unfortunately, such confrontations have left her teetering on the verge of spinsterhood. Will she ever be able to find a gentleman who will accept her for who she is, flaws and all, or will she end up forever alone?

When Miles is asked to escort Patience home for the holidays he finds his resolve challenged by the lively and engaging Miss Elmsley. A woman who shows him the life he has planned is really no life at all.

Can Miles hold true to his original plan, or will he and Patience find themselves wrapped up in a most scandalous Christmas…


THE SWEETEST SIN – Book 7 (August 9, 2016)

Fate has not been kind to Lady Henrietta Harrow. Exiled to the country after a fire killed her parents and left her scarred, Hen’s brother has brought her to London to find a husband and a happy life. Unfortunately, Hen’s scars make her a target for stares and whispers and one lady in particular—Lady Susan St. John—is determined to ruin Hen in retaliation for a believed transgression. Lady Susan’s threats force Hen to make a bold move—she proposes to the very proper Lord Walkerton.

Experience has taught the widowed Alexander St. John, Marquess of Rothbury and future Duke of Franklyn that love equals loss. But as the only remaining male heir in the St. John line, Alex must remarry. He needs not only a son, but also a woman to curb his daughter’s unruly behavior. This time, however, his marriage will be a business transaction, nothing more. After his first wife’s betrayal, love has no place in his world.

When Alex returns to London, his intentions of finding a marriage of convenience are tested as Hen arouses his passions in ways he never imagined possible. As cracks show in Alex’s hard façade, Hen realizes a good man still exists beneath the debris of loss. Soon, Hen and Alex are overcome by desire, but Hen’s proposal to another man and old secrets from the past impede any future happiness. Can Hen and Alex conquer these destructive threats, or will they forever ruin their chance at happiness?



Thomas Fitzgerald, Lord Hawksmoor, has spent the past five years transforming himself into the dangerous man known by London as The Hawk. Owning The Devil’s Lair affords him every opportunity to collect information on those of the ton disreputable enough to enter his gaming hell. But when one disgruntled lord strikes back, Hawk is left with no memory of who he is, where he is, or why he finds himself drawn to a beautiful servant. Nor can he explain the overwhelming need he feels to protect her from an unseen menace.

Madalene Cosgrove has finally left the uncertainty of her life in London behind and found a safe haven working for Mr. Marcus Bowen at his estate, Northill Hall. But that sense of safety is short-lived when her employer brings Lord Hawksmoor home to convalesce after he is attacked. It has been years since she has seen him. Since the unfortunate incident that left her unemployed and running for her life.

What began as an unlikely friendship years earlier, now returns as something deeper, as Madalene helps Hawk recover his memories. But any happiness from their newfound feelings is soon tempered by a sinister threat looming in the shadows, a threat from their shared past that puts Madalene once again in grave danger. This time, Hawk is determined to stop the evil that darkens their door—no matter the cost.



With an inheritance weighed down by scandal and debt, Benedict Laytham, the new Earl of Glenmor, is desperate to resurrect the family fortunes, even to the point of continuing his uncle’s risky investments with a mysterious silent partner. But when the tides turn on his investment, financial ruin looms. Desperate to save his family honor, Benedict returns to London vowing to find a wealthy bride and to uncover the identity of his silent partner.

Once, Miss Judith Sutherland dreamed of love, but it cost her everything. Humiliated, Judith returns home to care for her dying father, but his death brings her position as lady of the manor to an end. After living far from the ton for years, she must find a new way to live, independent of any man. What better way than as a lady’s companion? But a return to London means a return to the very people who caused her scandalous exile.

A single dance and two lives change forever…

As danger and scandal court Benedict and Judith once again, will they surrender to their heart’s desire? Or will they allow duty and pride to destroy any chance at happiness?



Some secrets are too sinful to tell.

More years ago than she cares to count, Lady Gloria Sheridan, Dowager Countess of Blackbourne, was forced to give up the man she loved to marry a man she despised. Now, over a year since her husband’s death, Gloria finds herself at odds – free at last, but alone and unfulfilled. The secret she holds close to her heart, haunts her still. Torn between her past and an empty future, Gloria sees no happy ending in sight. That is, until the man she once loved returns. But will revealing her secret destroy her second chance at happiness?

Betrayed by the woman he loved, Sir Arran Sutherland never intended to come home again. Military life and war seem preferable. But a family tragedy leaves him no choice. He must return to assume the role as patriarch of the family and estate–an estate that borders the lands of the woman who rejected him all those years ago. There, Arran cannot seem to avoid the woman he calls Glory. Worse still, he isn’t sure he wants to. But theirs is a past filled with secrets and regrets and all too quickly he finds himself at war once again, though this time the battle is between what he believes and what truly is.



Mr. Marcus Bowen, former ward and now trusted man of business to the Marquess of Ellesmere, has returned from the brink of death after surviving a knife-wielding thief only to have his perfectly ordered life fall into chaos. A mysterious package arrives and reveals his past is nothing but a lie. To make matters worse, the woman he once shared a passionate, ill-fated kiss with insists he help her capture a proposal from another man—a man far more befitting her station than the son of servants.

The dictates of her father’s will are clear—Lady Rebecca Sheridan must put away her childhood fantasies of Marcus Bowen and marry the very proper Lord Selward. A feat she must accomplish before her next birthday or watch as her family fortunes are forfeited. When Lord Selward drags his feet on a proposal, Rebecca grows desperate and turns to the one man she trusts above all others for assistance—Marcus. But Rebecca soon learns how easily unspoken passions can be re-ignited, and how thin the line between love and friendship can be.

As Marcus works to unravel the mystery of his past and discover his true identity, can he ignore the sinful temptation Lady Rebecca presents? Or will long-ignored desires and well-buried secrets bring them both to the brink of ruin, destroying any hope of a happy future?



In the aftermath of her father’s scandalous death, Lady Caelie Laytham has become a pariah, her hopes of making a suitable match beyond repair. With no prospects, she reluctantly sets out for Italy by ship in hopes of a better life. Lady Caelie has no better luck with the rough seas than she does with society and before she knows it, she is on her way back to London in the company of the disreputable Earl of Huntsleigh.

Spencer Kingsley, Earl of Huntsleigh, believes he has outrun his grandfather’s demand that he marry by sailing as far from London as possible. Spence has witnessed firsthand the damage wrought by marriage, and the closest he is willing to get to the institution is his regular trysts with the ton’s wives and widows. So when he finds himself put ashore with the lovely Lady Caelie and no proper chaperone, he is certain the desperate innocent will do anything to save her own reputation — including putting an end to his bachelor days.

But as scandal looms and an old lover’s revenge threatens to ruin them both, passion ignites. Can they work together to achieve what each believed they have always wanted?

Or will fate intervene — and give them what they truly need.


AN INVITATION TO SCANDAL – Book 1 (Free on all digital retailers!)

Nicholas Sheridan, Viscount Roxton – can the wicked aristocrat ever atone for his sins?
Infamous for his wickedness, Nicholas Sheridan, Viscount Roxton, must pay the price after his sinful actions lead to the death of one of his peers. Guilt forces him to change his scandalous ways and seek redemption through marriage to a proper lady.

Miss Abigail Laytham – will the headstrong beauty be able to forgive?
Miss Abigail Laytham is determined to avenge her beloved uncle’s death and make the man responsible pay, even if that man is her former beau, Viscount Roxton. And a misdirected invitation allows her to do just that.


Reviews for The Sins & Scandals Series:

“The book is witty in the midst of all the suspense, and heart breaking moments, there are some really comical scenes. I wanted more.” – 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer

“A wonderful love story with a strong, smart heroine and an honourable hero.” – 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer

“An Invitation to Scandal sizzles with passion and rich emotional conflict.” – 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer

“It was as if you were experiencing the romance first hand. I highly recommend this book to anyone.” – 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer

“This story unfolds with passion and depth and I look forward to reading more from this author.” – 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer

“This author has become an auto-buy for me, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!” – 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer

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