Dear Winter, I’m Done

Let me preface this post by saying, I absolutely love living on the Atlantic Coast. I’m a born and bred Nova Scotian and have no interest in changing that fact (unless that villa in the South of France suddenly becomes available at no cost to me). But this February has me on the ropes. You see, the thing about living on the edge of the Atlantic is that oftentimes, your snow turns to freezing rain, then back to snow, then back to rain, then the temps drop drastically and the wind kicks in just for the heck of it. All in one afternoon. 

For the past month, my driveway (which is a hill) has been encased in a layer of ice. We’re not talking the thin ice that melts off in a few hours once the sun hits it either. We’re talking thick, Hoth-like, iceberg inducing ice that five bags of salt could not even put a dent in. Heck, the wheels of my car spent days frozen to the driveway because the ice had built up around the wheels. I considered trying to free it, but I had visions of the axel of my car tearing away from underneath, leaving the wheels behind while the rest of my car slid slowly to the end of the driveway and out into the street. Don’t even get me started on my back deck. I’m not even certain it’s still there.

So, to say I am happy to see March would be a gross understatement. Granted, the ice continues to cover my driveway, holding on with a death grip that feels like it may last until June, but the weather for tomorrow promises to be a balmy 7 degrees Celsius (that’s 45 F for my American friends) and I can’t help but feel hopeful that maybe…just maybe, the snow will melt by May.

Until then, I promise to keep myself busy drinking lattes and typing away on my latest manuscript.

Hope the winter has found you all in good spirits!

Coming Soon!

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